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        Updated on December 22, 2016

        Rehabilitation Medicine Center

        The in-patient ward of Rehabilitation Medicine Department was set up in November, 2008, and the Rehabilitation Medicine Center was established in March, 2016 which consists of two in-patient wards and a hyperbaric oxygen therapy room at present. It is divided into four specialty groups including rehabilitation medicine, acupuncture and massage, pain medicine, and hyperbaric oxygen. The center has set up the Teaching and Research Office and a national standardized residency training base of rehabilitation medicine.

        The Rehabilitation Medicine Center is currently staffed by 69 medical staff. It includes 26 doctors, 22 rehabilitation therapists, and 21 nurses, among whom there are 3 chief physicians, 7 associate chief physicians, 4 attending physicians, 12 residents, and 14 doctors received master' degree. After years of development, it has now become a first-level clinical discipline with complete department structure, advanced equipment, and strong technical force, which integrates medical care, teaching and scientific research as a whole.

        There are 120 beds and more than 500 square meters of rehabilitation treatment rooms in the center, which are equipped with advanced rehabilitation facilities including swallowing therapy device, speech and cognitive therapy device, focused ultrasound therapy device, shock wave therapy device, infrared light therapy device, balance function therapy device, weight loss gait training equipment, JAS motion system, transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy device, osteoporosis therapy device ,smart wax therapy device, etc.

        With those advanced equipment, the staff of the Rehabilitation Medicine Center carry out rehabilitation therapies including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and dysphagia treatment, cognitive rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, botulinum toxin injection therapy, and prosthetics. They also carry out early bedside rehabilitation in other clinical departments. The physical therapies include, among others: hemiplegic limbs comprehensive training, paraplegia limbs comprehensive training, joint mobilization, EMG biofeedback, high-, intermediate-, and low-frequency therapies, motor therapy, infrared therapy, super-pulsed laser therapy, osteoporosis therapy, ultrasonic therapy, wax therapy, cervical traction, three- and four-dimensional lumbar traction, etc.

        Services offered through acupuncture specialty include: acupuncture, electroacupuncture, plum-blossom needles, embedded needling, knife needle acupuncture, warming needle moxibustion, Chinese Medicine fumigation, cupping, cupping walking tank, moxibustion, shoulder massage, cervical and lumbar massage, medical disease massage, manipulative reduction of lumbar spine, acupuncture cosmetology and acupuncture weight control.

        The therapies carried out by doctors of pain specialty include: dense silver needle debonding which eradicates pain related to soft tissue damage, radiofrequency thermocoagulation which effectively relieves various intractable pain such as trigeminal neuralgia, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, etc., and nerve block therapy which relives pain rapidly.

        The Rehabilitation Medicine Center has successively undertaken the theoretical and clinical teaching task of Chongqing Medical University, North Sichuan Medical College, and Yaan Vocational and Technical College. The staff have successfully applied for 1 provincial scientific research project and 4 municipal scientific research projects, and have published over 40 research papers in national and provincial medical journals.

        The center places a high value on communication with other hospitals and institutions. Each year, it sends physicians, nurses, and therapists to attend academic conferences for the improvement of their professional skills. The rehabilitation team, led by the center's directors, also often visits local primary care hospitals for academic exchanges. The center, on occasion, invites foreign experts to give lectures on the latest progress in rehabilitation medicine.

        To build a rehabilitation medicine center with warmth has always been the staff members' dream. Compassionate care is an important part of rehabilitation treatment. As such, the doctors, therapists, and nurses often play dual roles for the patient – as both family member and medical professional. Staff members often make home visits to provide direction, encouragement, and support for the patients during their later rehabilitation period. Their caring and compassion warms the patients, and is a significant factor in their rehabilitation. Silk banners and thank you letters received over the last eight years are the greatest confirmation of their work. The center not only shows the utmost solicitude for its patients – the staff members treat each other like family, and the center often organizes social events and cultural activities for them.